GAIA Synthesizer Sound Designer: Software for SH-01

GAIA Synthesizer Sound Designer

Software for SH-01

Take Full Control of the GAIA SH-01


GAIA Synthesizer Sound Designer is a specially designed PC/Mac software application for Roland’s award-winning GAIA SH-01 synthesizer. It inspires creativity by allowing GAIA users to conveniently explore every tone parameter on their large computer monitors. The software can also record and play back the entire sound-creation process, step by step, with its unique Action List function. Furthermore, the Wave Viewer function displays each waveform as a graph for visual reference. Beginners of synthesizer programming and pros alike will appreciate this powerful and inspiring application, as well as teachers of synthesizer programming.

  • Control every GAIA SH-01 tone parameter via PC or Mac
  • Action List lets you record and play back the entire sound-creation process, step by step
  • Wave Viewer display allows waveform shape to be viewed as a graph
  • New GAIA SH-01 patches included, plus Action-List samples for learning the fundamentals of synthesis
Software Advantage

GAIA Synthesizer Sound Designer software lets GAIA SH-01 users directly access all of the tone parameters via Mac or PC on the computer’s large display. The friendly user interface makes creating GAIA sounds fast and easy. It’s also ideal way for GAIA users to learn the instrument in an inviting graphical format.

Direct Connect

To use GAIA Synthesizer Sound Designer, simply connect your GAIA SH-01 synthesizer directly to the computer of your choice, Mac or PC, via a single, convenient USB cable.

Action List

GAIA Synthesizer Sound Designer provides a unique way to analyze the creative process with its Action List function, which records and plays back sound-design operations step by step. It’s a fantastic way to explore and learn.

Wave Viewer

The Wave Viewer display function provides a graphical representation of the sound. Viewing waveforms in this visual format helps users see the sound as it evolves — a great tool for students of synth programming.

New Patches

GAIA Synthesizer Sound Designer comes with a bank of new GAIA SH-01 patches. Keyboardists will appreciate the brilliant collection of sounds that covers a wide range of modern styles. Action-List samples are also provided to help users learn the fundamentals of synthesis.